• Dr.M.Jeyabrabha


Women from past period to present period have been identified with multiple responsibilities in India’s social system. Truly all types of progress, development, improvement and moral characters are fostered by the women society, they dedicate most of their life time on children, family and husband development irrespective of any guilty and bias feelings because they born to serve and save family system of entire society therefore entire society and family system is properly directed and conducted by their marvellous thoughtful and trustworthy family development activities. Purity, spirituality, truthfulness and virginity are protected and thought to their children and family members with an aim to develop family system for make wholesome developments. By the presence of females in every family it is meant and seeming as a family system because family is run and developed by them with a dedicated responsibility without name sack responsibility .They are being centre of family and children’s future developments in a immaculate and systematic ways with an interest to protect their life in a very disciplined ways. They are considered and understood much more thousand time valuable and responsible creatures of god than male people because they are equalised and being parallel to the god exisistences thereby they must be respected and worshiped by all male peoples in all family system. Their role and presence is respected and welcomed by their children and family members for multiple and increase their family growth in all the aspects of future concern. Than male psychology their psychology plays much vital role in terms of nurturing and fostering of children life, old aged people’s life and family needs thereby thy are felt and understood by all male as equal to god and more than god .From Initial to end of their life have been working and toiling lot comparing to male people because male people will wind their role up to forty five and fifty even after that their responsibility is supported and backed by the female people. Men’s work and age to work is calculated up to forty after that their role and family system is maintained and properly directed by them ,in this ways their conscious and moral role is needed and wanted to the whole family system for conduct and run family member’s life in a systematic and  ethical ways .Beyond this no happy and merry to any one of family members ,altogether their positive role toward developing entire family member’s life with a cemented and strong interests are considered as a positive and welfare making psychology of the women’s characters.


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