Persons with Disability and Work Participation: An Analysis in Indian Context


  • Mouchumi Kalita, Minakshi Koch, Gitika Borah


Persons with disability living in India have been facing various kinds of ‘disability’, other than their physical disability, in other dimensions of life due to lack of availability of adequate requirements in different spheres. They are capable of participating in the work force provided adequate and disabled person-friendly environment exist in the workplace. Even though they are not capable of doing all kinds of work, with proper facility and equipment they can do many work which are considered as the work of persons who are not disabled. This article argues that in India work force participation of persons with disability is very less but this does not indicate the inability of such persons. Rather it is the lack of adequate disabled-friendly work environment or more appropriately it is the result of inability on the part of the government to provide with such work environment. This article attempts to understand the status of persons with disability in India along with analyzing the scenario of work participation of the persons in Indian society.


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