Regional Politics in Assam: Rise and Decline of AGP


  • Lila Bora, Rupali Boro, Nayana Teron


The Politics of Assam is more or less always under the dominance of the Congress party till the 1980s. After the Assam Movement, the strong emergence AGP (Asom Ganna Parisad) creates a challenge to the Congress hegemony.  The AGP not only creates a strong support base in the state but also create a greater consensus among the people regarding the issue of immigration. However, the party cannot hold the people base, inability to resolve the immigration issue. This article draws a comprehensive outline of the AGP as a regional force in Assam in the late 1980s and gives an analysis of the rise and decline of AGP in the 2000s. This article also analyzes the current trend of AGPs' political base in Assam.


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