Development of Android-Based Silat Teaching Materialsin Karawang


  • Ardawi Sumarno,Imam Muhtarom, Dewi Herlina


Development of Android-Based Pencak Silat Teaching Materials in Kab. Karawang, usually the source used for learning is only books that are monotonous, with the Android application more content in learning both images and videos, as well as one of the appropriate technologies that can be used as a solution in the Covid-19 pandemic.The research method uses quantitative research methods which are based on survey / questionnaire activities with a closed list of questions. Quantitative data from the results of the survey / questionnaire, not on the estimates of the researcher or author but from the results of the respondents who have been provided with the answers provided. where the purpose of distributing this questionnaire is so that researchers can find out more about the use of applications for developing Android-based pencak silat teaching materials.Based on the results of the 13 questions above which were filled in by 130 people, it can be concluded that there were 1566 positive responses from a total of 1690 responses which had an average of 92.6% for those who answered with a positive response with a median value of 96.2%. Based on the above results, it can be concluded that the development of pencak teaching materials can be used properly, so that it can be used for learning pencak silat.


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2020-11-02 — Updated on 2021-01-23


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