Building The Prophet's Biography For Peace Through Establishing Social Relationships


  • Dr. Abdul Ghani bin Saad Al-Shamrani


The research highlights the need to clarify the concept of Peace by referring to the Prophet’s biography, knowing his social life and how he was able to consolidate Peace in the city’s warring society of many tribes, leaderships. It aims at defining the concept of social Peace, stating the importance of the Prophet’s biography in strengthening it. He mentioned the works that PBUH cared about building and establishing peace in the city through social networking. The research was organized in an introduction, a preapprehension, four topics and a conclusion that included the most important findings and recommendations, including: The interest of the Prophet may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, in building community Peace in Medina through establishing social relations. That the culture of Peace is authentic, and by applying it, all communities in society feel safe and secure. His greatness, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, and his sophistication, as he was able - after the help of Allah Almighty - to transform the community of Medina from a warring society to a friendly society. The necessity of returning to the Prophet’s biography to solve the problems that arise in societies. Re-presenting the Prophet’s biography in a valuable manner, linking it with reality, and simplifying it for people


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