Philosophy of employing the pen in the Holy Quran (An interpretive study)


  • Ass. Prof. Dr. Barkawi Kalib Darim


The novels were built around stories, which has been enriched by the Qur’an and it carries with it the unseen Quranic miracle, followed by the Holy Street to his prophets and messengers. In order for them to be a guide and evidence for their religious vocation, each according to his community, who lives in it and needs proofs to prove his vocation. It included the story of the Virgin Mary (peace be upon her), as this story had several stages starting from the beginning of her pregnancy in her mother's womb - her birth - her upbringing - her upbringing - and what came after that, there the Holy Quran was recited in several verses, one of which is intended, to make the Holy Prophet (may God bless him and grant him peace) aware of that incident and accidents, which took place on the previous prophets, each according to his story and his community, and how that invitation and its spouse met strong opposition, those who do not want to call the prophets and are not satisfied with it, whatever the reasons, because Mary's story punctuated those stages.



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