Attribute-Based Encryption for Securing Healthcare Data in Cloud Environment


  • C.Krishnan , T.Lalitha


Cloud computing techniques store and access many data and programs through the internet instead of a typical local hard drive system. People are still unwilling to set up their health records in the cloud without proper security control. Personal Health Records (PHRs) are a capable patient-centric model for replacing health information and outsourcing to a third party, such as a C.S.P. (Cloud Service Provider). One of the most controversial issues regarding PHRs is the risk to the privacy of patient health-related sensitive information. Associated with the online storage of medical-related information is the fear of exposure to unauthorized people. PHR data outsourced to third parties such as CSP Becomes a threat to the owner of the data.  Cryptographic-based conventional encryption techniques encrypt a complete database or file. Nowadays, data owners need to encrypt their health-related information only and not the entire database. This research work concentrates on scalable, secure access control for perturbed PHR information and then outsourcing the data to the cloud environment. This research aims to increase the security, efficiency, and performance of the complete PHR information in a cloud system.


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