Area Conservation Strategy of Lingkabori as Cultural Tourism Site


  • Wa Ode Sitti Hafsah
  • Rahmat Sewa Suraya


Conservation, Lingkabori, Cultural, Tourism.


The existence of prehistoric caves of the world include in Indonesia is one of the historical heritage that has a high value as well as world heritage. Archeology data is stored as the evidence and cultural of civilization in expressing and actualizing the life in the past. The existence of this wall cave printing become the link of past and present life and become potential and area power. Yet, in the other side, this area of cave located in the jungle and become the main destination of cultural tourism, hence the presence of its painting threatened and easy to be damaged. This threatened caused by some factors like nature and environment or can be by the human being. One of the efforts to be conducted is by inviting the citizen for participating directly by giving the some training related to conservative actions.


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