• Dr. Gaurav Srivastava


Everything which is smaller than 100 nanometers are consider in Nanotechnology with novel properties. Now a days, the demands for such resources which are eco-friendly are increasing because the available energy resources are diminishing day by day. So, Nanotechnology can provide best and everlasting energy resources.

Solar Energy is the most useful and efficient form of such energy. As such solar energy is very useful. But on cloudy days, the conventional cells for solar energy conversion from solar to electrical become difficult and less efficient. These cells are not much useful for large applications To overcome these kind of problems and to increase the efficiency of the solar cells, Nano technology gives a great opportunity as it reduces the drawbacks of conventional cells. Nanotechnology is the most efficient method to form plastic cells with greater efficiency.

On nanometer scale, nanotechnology is a very much in use in lots of latest devices with new designs. These nano devices reduced the use of other kind of devices and this latest technology is used in latest designed electric devices to reduce the complicated integrated circuits in this present century. Now a days, Nano technology is used in approximately each and every society or areas. Nanotechnology also plays a important role in almost every industries. It offers better construct, safer, longer lasting and smarter products for the industries, for medicine, for home and for ammunition for ages. Such Nanotechnology properties are used in forming the solar cells. Sun is giving energy to universe and in future it will do the same for further millions of years. All researchers and scientists are working to grab this unlimited and continuous energy and focusing on utilizing it efficiently as well. From the last 100 years, we are using fossil fuels continuously on large-scale and we can't deny that fossil fuels are limited and will be no more available after 50years.


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