Panoramic Virtual Trips and their Relationship to Develop the Concept of Color among Kindergarten Children


  • Hiba Falih, Dr. Shaymaa Harith


The aim of the research was to identify panoramic virtual trips and their relationship to developing the concept of color, and the researcher used the relational descriptive approach as a research method. As for the research sample, it consisted of (60) teachers for (360) children from the government-run Riyadh of Baghdad, with (6) children per teacher. Search tool, in which two tools were used (color concept test and virtual trips). It built a (color concept) test consisting of (5) paragraphs, which are illustrated questions given to each child individually, and the second search tool is (virtual trips).

It was divided into three groups depending on the content of each trip (historical, animation, video game mine craft). The researcher was not able to apply the trips directly to children due to (Corona pandemic and the disruption of official working hours by the Crisis Cell). She applied them through a cartoon questionnaire by sending the questionnaire links. Through social media, what's up, viber, email) to the parameters of the research sample, (6) grades were determined for each parameter to choose the appropriate degree for each trip, and appropriate statistical methods were used, namely (discrimination to distinguish the paragraphs of the color concept test , Point Paiserial, Keoder Richardtson for calculating test stability, mono-variance analysis for analyzing electronic questionnaire data, Toki equation to show the difference between trips, and the research found that there is a relationship between panoramic virtual trips and the development of color concept in kindergarten children.


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