Socialization and Family Environment among Adolescent School Children


  • Ajith. R Pillai, Dr P. Sethuraja Kumar


The current research was carried out to find out the effect of family environmental variables on the socialisation of adolescent school students. This study was conducted with social acceptance (socialisation) as the dependent variable. Social acceptability of the adolescent school students were quantitatively identified by the socio-metric score of each adolescent respondent who took part in the socio-metric procedure conducted. Socio Economic Status of the parents of the adolescent, their home environment and their family climate were the independent variables. The chief objective of the enquiry was to discover the effect of socio economic status, family climate, and home environment on social acceptability of adolescent school students. The research was designed to test the null hypotheses set for the study. Karl Pearson’s product moment co-efficient of correlation was utilised to compute the correlation of each of the independent variable up on the dependent variable. The study revealed that there was no ample link between social acceptability and Socio-economic status of the adolescent sample and also through family physical environment. It was identified that there were significant relationship between social acceptability with family climate as the sub sample of girls were considered, but no significant relationships found in between social acceptability and family climate as for the sub sample of boys and the whole sample taken for this study.


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