Exposure of Social Media Related News in English Newspapers of Jaipur, IN


  • Prof. (Dr.) Neeraj Khattri


Social media are Internet Sites where people interact freely, sharing and discussing information about each other and their lives using a multimedia mix of personal words, pictures, videos and audios. Today’s audiences expect to be able to choose what they read, and most believe they should be able to contribute content and opinions, too. Newspaper is one of the important devices to communicate the social media related information among the common people, but the picture is totally different. The newspaper of Jaipur avoids publishing the social media related news as compared to other news stories. Through content analysis, the researcher tries to find out the coverage and exposure of social media related news in two English daily newspaper of Jaipur with comparative analysis. This study also tries to find out the treatment given to social media related news by newspapers. After researching, the researcher finds that the newspaper of Jaipur don’t give proper treatment to the coverage of development of social media related stories. Stories or articles related to accidental, political, entertainment and local should be more covered in English newspaper of Jaipur. Paper recommends that the reporter should be assigned to cover the fast pacing social media related news in any newspaper organisation or news agencies.



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