"Challenges of applying Value Added Tax to diversify the revenues of the State Treasury in Iraq _ Proposed mechanism"


  • Dr. Suaad Adnan Noaman Al-Shammari
  • Dr. Wasan Yahia Ahmed
  • Dr. Ahmed Taherkadhim Al-Anbagi


tax, value-added tax, value-added tax.


The current research aims to achieve a set of objectives represented by discussing tax in general and value tax in particular. The research problem stems from the existence of an urgent need to develop the current local tax system, as the tax is important because it is one of the main resources for the state’s public treasury, as well as an important source of funding for the establishment and construction of the state’s infrastructure. In addition, there is a set of local studies that confirm the existence of deficiencies in the current tax systems that do not apply the value added tax. The research is based on a main hypothesis that "The application of the value added tax system leads to the creation of a fair tax climate in the tax community with the expansion of the tax base on the one hand and works to diversify and increase the imports of the state's public treasury on the other hand."

To achieve the objectives of the research, the main and secondary challenges facing the application of the value-added tax locally were discussed, and a mechanism was proposed for the application of value-added tax in Iraq. The research reached a set of conclusions the most important of which were

The weakness of the local tax and supervisory authorities at the present time, which makes the imposition of the value-added tax law unprepared in addition to the political and economic conditions that the country is going through. As for the most important recommendations, they were represented Forming committees and supporting studies and research on imposing a value-added tax law and the extent to which this law can be applied in the local environment.


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Dr. Suaad Adnan Noaman Al-Shammari, Dr. Wasan Yahia Ahmed, & Dr. Ahmed Taherkadhim Al-Anbagi. (2021). "Challenges of applying Value Added Tax to diversify the revenues of the State Treasury in Iraq _ Proposed mechanism". PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 18(4), 3610-3621. Retrieved from https://www.archives.palarch.nl/index.php/jae/article/view/6881