Phytoremediation and Training in Agro-environmental Values


  • Hilter Farley Figueroa Saavedra
  • Aurora Azucena Ariza Velazco
  • Daniel David Espinoza Castillo
  • Norma Isabel Dominguez Gaibor


Phytoremediation, Values training, Agriculture and environment, Agriculture and education, Professional training. Community work.


The objective of the article is to contribute to the training of future agricultural professionals from the teaching-learning process, for this, theoretical, empirical and statistical methods are used according to the research, it deals with phytoremediation as a way to recover agricultural soils contaminated by oil production, the need for cultural and educational development of the population to achieve the harmonious integration of all the actors involved in the process. It indicates as a fundamental way to achieve the necessary higher social conscience, the formation in values, for this, it analyzes the different definitions of this category and determines ways to follow to form the values required in society.Makes a methodological proposal through the teaching-learning process of the content on phytoremediation in the "Agronomy" career to contribute to the training of professionals fully committed to the sustainability of this activity and human development.


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Hilter Farley Figueroa Saavedra, Aurora Azucena Ariza Velazco, Daniel David Espinoza Castillo, & Norma Isabel Dominguez Gaibor. (2021). Phytoremediation and Training in Agro-environmental Values. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 18(4), 3692-3703. Retrieved from