• Bobojonov Husan Muhammadaliyevich, Umarova Dilfuza Botiraliyevna, Inoyatova Dilorom Turgunbayevna


This paper reveals the main possible directions, the general idea of ​​organizing auditing training at different stages of learning a foreign language. It analyzes auditing as a leading method of teaching students a foreign language in domestic and foreign methods. The main objectives oftheresearchare:

-to investigate the process of auditing from the point of view of psychology;

-todetermine the importance of the teacher's speech in teaching auditing;

- tostudy the learning process of auditing at different stages;

- tohighlight the main difficulties in understanding a foreign language by ear; identify ways to overcome difficulties;

- toconsider the trend of using auditing in teaching a foreign language at school;

- toconsider auditing as a means of teaching monologue speech; suggest exercises and teaching techniques for auditing. Theworkconsistsof theoretical and practical parts. In the theoretical part, we determine the possibilities of schoolchildren in the field of learning a foreign language, reveal the main goals, objectives and methods of teaching auditing students. In the practical part of this work, exemplary exercises in teaching children auditing at different stages are given.

If, in the process of teaching auditing at primary, secondary and senior levels of secondary general education school, we apply our proposed practical teaching aids auditing, they will contribute to:

- increasing the mental activity of students and the acquisition of logical thinking skills on problems related to real life, expanding the sphere of foreign language communication;

- development of individual characteristics of students, their independence, improvement of the primary and secondary linguistic personality;

- a more effective solution to the problems of education, development and upbringing of the student's personality.


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Bobojonov Husan Muhammadaliyevich, Umarova Dilfuza Botiraliyevna, Inoyatova Dilorom Turgunbayevna. (2021). EFFICIENCY USE OF AUDITING IN TEACHING A LANGUAGE. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 18(4), 3945-3955. Retrieved from https://www.archives.palarch.nl/index.php/jae/article/view/6934