• Nabaa Ali Abdul-Hussein Al-Saadi , Asst.Prof. Dr. Anwar Fadel Abdel Wahab Al Shawk


The current research aims to know the cognitive burden of governmental and private kindergarten children, and to achieve the purpose of the research, the researcher adopted John Sweller's theory (1980) and his definition of cognitive burden.Theresearcher constructed a test (Naba Abd al-Hussein, 2019) for the perceptual burden, which reached (24) paragraphs by (12) paragraphs for each area of ​​burden Cognitive, and the test was presented to a group of specialists in educational and psychological sciences, kindergartens, measurement and evaluation, and their number reached (21) experts, and they agreed on all the test items by 100% with some simple modifications to the images of some paragraphs, and the test score (b) was determined by(0, one) according to the opinions of experts and specialists in measurement and evaluation.

As a score of (zero) is given in the case of the wrong answer, and a score of (1) is given in the case of the correct answer, a form was prepared to record the child's response to the test, and the researcher conducted an exploratory experiment in which it was applied.

The test was on a random sample of (30) children to ensure the clarity of the paragraphs and instructions and to adjust the time of testing, and the time taken to answer the test for children aged (5-6) years (20) minutes. In light of the research objectives, the test was applied individually to a sample of government and pre-school children in Kindergarten, who were chosen in a simple random way, and their number reached (180) children and girls.

The researcher used in the test two validity indicators, namely apparent validity and construct validity, and the test reliability was estimated using the internal consistency method and employing the (Keoder Richard Sonn 20) equation and the reliability coefficient was (72.0).This ratio is good because it is higher than the average.

According to the objectives of the research, and after applying the test to the members of the research sample and analyzing their responses statistically, (2 items) were excluded from the field of collecting information and (2 items) from the field of interaction of the elements, and thus the number of test items became in its final form (20 items). Government and civil society suffer from a cognitive burden.



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