• Zhang Dengkai
  • Guo Tingxiu
  • Xia Jintao
  • Siti Aida Samikon


Research Design is the lifeblood of the research. The questionnaire is like a red blood cell in research design. Red blood cells in the human body carry fresh oxygen throughout human body. Similarly the survey gives the respondent’s responses, based on which research findings are concluded in social sciences. Despite so much importance of questionnaire, there are very few studies which cover questionnaire design and guide research student and scholars to design a questionnaire. Survey design is least discussed topic in several books written on research methodology. In this paper, after thorough review of several books and articles on the subject, the authors provide a guide for research scholar on questionnaire design. To make understanding of questionnaire design and selection easier this research paper has selected and explained three research papers which future researchers can use as a guide to create a questionnaire. The Paper also shares list of several books and an articles literature review which is useful for future researchers and practitioners to understand and study the research methodology


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2021-03-11 — Updated on 2021-03-15


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Zhang Dengkai, Guo Tingxiu, Xia Jintao, & Siti Aida Samikon. (2021). RESEARCH PROJECT MANAGEMENT, HANDLING SURVEYS. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 18(4), 5085-5099. Retrieved from (Original work published March 11, 2021)