• Amenah Firas Hameed


In the Google Classroom, as in the actual classroom, a few students can get confused about which preposition should be used correctly for certain conditions. In other words, the semantic usage of each preposition cannot be properly differentiated as it has different use and meaning in phrases. Based on the NewHeadway Intermediate course syllabus, the students were required to understand and be able to correctly use preposition types. This study aims at identifying the difficulty in meanings in using some English prepositions encounter Iraqi students in the Google Classroom. It also focuses on the causes and sources stand behind these difficulties occurring in the Google Classroom.The writer has made an assumption on the basis of this aim to identify the difficulties that Iraqi students face and that will result in confusion.The study adopted a descriptive, analytical and quasi-experimental method. The test is electronic, i.e. google form in the google classroom. The sample of the study consisted of (25) students at University of Baghdad/ College of Science for Women/ Physics Department/third-year students.The main reason for selecting third-year students for the test is that they are studying prepositions as part of their New Headway Intermediate textbook. In this paper,a one-group pre-test–post-test design was chosen,the test consists of gap-filling with 20 sentencesgiven to one group of participants, which was used to check their understanding skills in choosing the correct some English preposition.The data were analysed byaappropriate statistical meansand we reached to these findings,the computed value of the t- test (6.257) is higher than the tabulated t- value (2.492) at 24 degree of freedom and (0.01) level of significant, the findings revealed that the majority of the students encounter semantic overlap among meanings and there is adifficulty in using prepositions in the Google classroom.The difficulties caused errorsfound in the test may be due to a lack of English as a foreign language awareness. The students seem unable to use these English prepositions fluency despite having learned the language for several years.


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