Problems facing women working in commercial centers _ a field study in the city of Baghdad / Al-Karkh side




Women going out to work in the private sector represented by commercial centres (malls) is a great challenge in light of the exceptional circumstances Iraq is going through. The changes that have occurred in the social, economic and health system in our society have clearly affected all areas of life, especially the work of women.The fact that women being a vulnerable group makes them more prone to such circumstances. The work of women in the private sector is very difficult because it is linked to social customs and traditions and family upbringing. Hence the necessity to research such a topicas women facemany social, economic and psychological pressures, in addition to being exposed to some inappropriate behaviours. The aim of the research is to find out the effects resulting from their work in such places.      

The research community consisted of a sample of 100 women working in commercial centres (malls). The descriptive and historical approach and the social survey method were also adopted in the samplingmethod.Moreover, questionnaire, interview and simple observation are also used in this study as tools to collect information. The research concluded that there are many problems facing the working women. These include the negative view of society towards them and the exploitation or extortion they areexposed to as well as the long periods of work that result in additional burdens upon them as they are forced to keep their work due to the urgent economic conditions. In addition, there are social, psychological, health and security impacts that cast a shadow on society and women in particular.


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