The Study Of The Ancient Temples Of Tezpur


  • Boby Kalita, Rudrakshi Saikia,


Assam, one of the seven sisters of North-East India, is a collage of various cultural factors, which makes it special in the entire peninsula. Sonitpur, which is a historical district of Assam, plays an important role in the cultural background of Assam. It is located in central Assam and is a combination of numerous cultural as well as religional tribes. The Shaiva-Sakta temples, Namghars, Vaishnav Satras etc. provide a vivid picture of the rituals, traditions, beliefs and magnificent architecture of ancient Assam.

The whole Sonitpur district is evenly distributed with Shaiva, Sakta, Vishnu, Gauriya and Ganpatya temples. These religious institutions have witnessed daily worshippings of innumerable devotees from time immemorial. These temples have, both directly and indirectly, helped in establishing and strengthening the morality as well as spirituality of the population.


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