• Dr.Ayesha Gul, Shereen Younas Khan , Rukhshandazarar, Soniya Shmas, Muhammad Humayun


A Family breakdown may provoke mental disturbances in the partner and their children. Marital crises do not only affect the spouses but usually have a negative impact on the functioning of the whole family. A conflict situation may lead to psychosomatic and psychological illness, behavior and personality disturbances, sexual dysfunctions or addictions. The reason why a problem emerges among spouses is usually a problem caused by one of the partners nearly always affects also the other and requires conflict solving strategies on both sides. When the parents’ divorce, the child knows the family doesn’t look the same any more. And it certainly feels good to a child to hear a teacher to call his or her home broken or hear the doctor calling the child victim of divorce or parents stating that their marriage failed. Divorce might affect the children adversely. And many people don’t get divorce because of fear about how it might affect the children. Regardless of one motivation and willingness about the divorce, the divorce is likely to affect the children in many ways, while many children are upset by a divorce in the beginning. The children of divorce can survive by maintaining a healthy adjustment in their lives. Divorce is the most hated and unpleasant thing in Islam. The most detestable of lawful thing nears near Allah is divorce.Despite the Islam permits divorce as it becomes inevitable in some extreme situations when it is not possible for the husband and wife to pull on together. It is allowed normally when all the efforts for reconciliation have proved abortive and there are no chances left for them to live together amicably. Even arbiters can be appointed, one from the family of each spouse, to resolve differences between the husband and wife.


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