The Diversity of the Female Image in Ancient Iraqi Pottery


  • Dr. Enas Malik Abdullah Al-Bishara
  • Ammar Jabbar Mahdi


diversity, female image, pottery.


This research was interested in studying the diversity of the representation of the female image in the pottery of ancient Iraq, where the concept of figurative manifestation was studied in its first study, and it also dealt with the study of the concept of the image and its composition in the human mind and the pressures that resulted in the formation of that image according to the opinions of the most important Greek philosophers as well as modern philosophers, and the extent of the effect of what a person sees on his subconscious mind to form an image printed in the imagination that is later translated into a pottery or sculptural work of art or other types of art.As for the second topic, it identified the types and means of showing the female image in terms of the idea addressed by the artist maker and the essence or content of that idea.


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Dr. Enas Malik Abdullah Al-Bishara, & Ammar Jabbar Mahdi. (2021). The Diversity of the Female Image in Ancient Iraqi Pottery. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 18(4), 6334-6345. Retrieved from