• Ahmed Ali AbedProf. Dr. Mohammed Jasim Abed


Praise be to God, the Lord of the worlds, a praise befitting his majesty and perfection, because he is the helper and by whom we seek help, and blessings and peace be upon the most honorable of the prophets and messengers who are sent as mercy to the worlds, the Prophet of mercy and the impeccable messenger of love and peace from the elite of his creation, our Prophet Muhammad, and upon his honorable God and companions.

As for the following: the nature of the research has been to make it in the form of issues arranged in order of interpretation, and I have selected three questions from them for fear of prolongation. Masters, which are concerned with studying the rulings of impiety and abuse in the preserved dar. My study dealt with these rulings in a critical and grammatical manner. By responding and weighting in a scientific syntactic method that agrees with most scholars, I based my statement on the matron of grammatical books, and books of interpretation to clarify the meaning of the verse, and to know its context. So that the judgment is stronger to prove it, and the mind is more sincere to itself, and the graduation does not take place until after the accurate understanding of the meaning, in order to reach with its understanding to prove its judgment, and it is known that my study is one of those studies that dealt with one of the rulings that he made on various issues in his interpretation and was not the first to enter To this great source, many studies have been honored to explore the mysteries of this book and extract its essences. In general, my study is related to the provisions stipulated in this ruling, sometimes it is responded to and its imposition is waived, and in others the response to it is left with this ruling being satisfied that it does not increase or decrease,I followed those judgments with a careful reading that left a judgment only and took it, and moved away from the morphological, phonological and rhetorical judgments. Because it did not enter into the course of my research, and it is known about this scholar that it follows the sayings of its predecessors in terms of interpretation, readings, grammar, morphology and rhetoric. And organize them.

In conclusion, I ask God to make our work sincere for His honorable sake, and to elevate us thanks to Him, His benevolence, His benevolence, and honor.


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