• Dr. Osama Nahar Ismail Almajali, Mohammed Khalif Mujali Almajali


Surgeries in general and plastic surgery in particular are among the most prominent surgeries that people perform, as interest in plastic surgeries has increased in the past few years, such as hair transplantation, liposuction, and enlargement or reduction of one of the body parts, and with the increase in these operations, which led to the occurrence of medical errors in Plastic surgeries, which often resulted in deformities, sometimes death, or injuries that turned into permanent disability and disrupted the organs from performing their functions; This makes the plastic surgeon under the circle of legal accountability in all its forms, whether it is criminal or civil , that the plastic surgeon has many obligations, and the question that arises is whether the doctor’s obligations are to exert care or achieve a result? What is the cosmetic doctor 's obligations towards the patient because of the cosmetic surgery of the patient 's privacy has been critical senses of the detection process conducted by; PA person may accept a risky surgery? Does this behavior affect his right to compensation? Here, we find that this matter is inconsistent with the rule that the victim's consent to the harm nullifies its effect, or that the offender's mistake has an effect with the consent of the victim. In application of this rule, civil liability is not imposed on the surgeon who, because of his work, caused actual harm. It is fair that the civil liability of these people for mistakes must be established, and responsibility is not excluded because of the victim’s consent to the exposure to danger, and the consent of the injured in harm differs in each case from the other, and there are cases in which prejudice to the human body and integrity becomes necessary to preserve his life.


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