• Dr. Meghna Mehndroo, Ms.Vandana


The importance of the teacher's focus on the teaching process as a whole is not new to education. However, with the change in educational thinking and practices, the concept of teacher preparation has undergone major changes. With the advent of the broader concept of education including the whole personality of the subject and aimed at its overall development, the roles and responsibilities of the teacher have grown more and more. Therefore, there has been a shift in the readiness of teachers from one study to another relevant activity. The inclusion of the term ‘education’ and ‘training in recent years in relation to teacher preparation is a clear indication of this shift emphasizes to the holistic development of the child. It has been found that improving teacher education can help improve education as a whole. Therefore, the teaching of teachers has attracted the attention of various academic scholars and research staff. Efforts are being made throughout the world to develop effective pre-service and teacher education programs. A well-defined and future education policy is important for the country at the school and college levels due to the fact that education leads to economic and social development (Sreeramana and Shubhrajyotsna 2020). It can be said that the research and evaluation studies of the existing teacher training program provide a basis for planning effective teacher training programs. Reviewing existing papers and discussing the policies and policies or principles of teacher change in India that have taken place over the past decade, we say it is India’s most competitive forum that is very close to how education and cooperation networks work in the sector. The present paper focuses on the reforms in the teacher education programme under the guidelines of NCTE so that there is an improvement in the basic structure of education which can lead to the harmonious development of every child.


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