• Nakeeb Abas Himad, Dr. Firas Fadel Mahdi Al-Bayati



The provinces of the physiological comfort of the people in Anbar province vary from one place to another according to the seasons and the nature of the response in humans as the age in response to the role in affected large human temperature more than the young, as well as different sex Females overnight with Feeling comfortable for males needs higher temperatures than males, as the study aims to demonstrate the impact of Anbar’s climate in determining the regions' physiological comfort for workers in the governorate and to determine the most appropriate months and seasons for work efficiency through the use of anatomical criteria (Singer chart, Two Terejing panels, And the life plan of Olikai), and through the employment of climate elements (actual and theoretical solar radiation, maximum and minimum temperatures, wind speed, as well as maximum and minimum relative humidity) in order to arrive at an assessment of the climate of Anbar Governorate, and then determine the suitable places and sites for workers and their industrial facilities according to the months of the year The comfort of human physiological climate of the most important of The factors affecting the activity of workers and their production efficiency in the study area, therefore, the study was carried out to determine the levels of climate comfort for workers at night and day, and for each station selected for the study area and in each month of the year, in order for the stakeholders and the official and responsible government agencies to be able to determine the places to establish activities Disordered mankind, according to the requirements of each activity, is appropriate in order to reach the highest levels of physiological comfort for the two worlds, which results in the greatest economic benefit through increasing their activity and the efficiency of their work. The study found, by applying the criteria to seven stations selected for the study area for the period (1981-2019), and by relying on the method for analysis and quantitative application of some of the selected climate comfort standards, as the study showed that the best months for a comfortable daytime work are the months from November to February. As for the comfortable months at night for work are the months (March, April, October, November), while it turns out that the comfortable months in the day are (March, November), the comfortable months at night are (May, June, September), The study identified the months that need air cooling, as well as the months that need heating in order to reach the physiological comfort for the efficiency of work and workers.



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Nakeeb Abas Himad, Dr. Firas Fadel Mahdi Al-Bayati. (2021). EVALUATION OF EFFICIENCY OF THE PHYSIOLOGICAL COMFORT FOR WORKERS IN ANBAR GOVERNMENT. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 18(4), 8240-8262. Retrieved from https://www.archives.palarch.nl/index.php/jae/article/view/7684