Parry, D. 2004. Engineering the pyramids. – Gloucestershire, Sutton Publishing


  • C. Rossi


In this book Dick Parry describes the story and the construction of stone pyramids from the point of view of a civil engineer and suggests a method that the ancient Egyptians might have used to transport stone blocks all the way to the top of their monuments.

The text is divided into twelve chapters, with the addition of a preface, a paragraph of conclusions, an appendix and a select bibliography. First, second and third chapter contain a brief history of the pyramids built by the 3rd and the 4th dynasty kings, with special attention to the evolution of constructional methods and building techniques. Chapters 4 to 7 contain a survey of the tools employed by the workmen, of the preliminary operations that were carried out before the actual construction of the monument began and to the quarrying techniques used to obtain the stone blocks. Read more...


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Engineering the pyramids




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