Mahatma Gandhi after 150 years – Ahimsa and its contradictions and its Relevance


  • Noreen Alexeena Datta
  • Kiranmayi Ravi


Ahimsa , Gandhi , Mob lynching and violence in various forms - ideas of Gandhi and relevance.


It was just few months back that the entire country celebrated 150 years of – Mahatma Gandhi. It would be worthy to do a study on one of his very precious principles that is Ahimsa. It was Ahimsa which helped us to get our nation free from the clutches of the Britishers. Not to be forgotten we were colony under the Britishers for nearly two centuries. As we look into the principle of ahimsa it would be good to analyse the relevance of Ahimsa in 21st century and also whether Gandhi stands relevant in his own nation.

We have people all over the world quoting the thought and principles of Mahatma Gandhi. He is held in awe and respect everywhere around India but is he held in high respect in his birthplace. Is Gandhi Relevant today? Do we see Ahimsa being followed as a principle? It is sad that in this country of Gandhi –Ahimsa –we have himsa in form of mob lynching of Dalit’s, communal violence, rape , murder etc the list goes on . Let us try to do an analysis of Gandhi’s principle of ahimsa and its relevance today. My objective is to

1) To study what was Gandhi’s view on Ahimsa
2) Critique and Contradictions of Gandhi’s Ahimsa
3) Ahimsa as an ideology does it stand relevant.


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