A Study on Effectiveness of Advertisement in Gaming Zone


  • Lokesh R
  • Varshini K B


Advertisement, Apps, Game apps, Digital advertisement


We all most familiar with the word “ Advertisement ”.Ultimately it will helps the business peoples or corporates to boost their sales by promoting and importantly by catching the target or key audience. Generally an advertisement meant for announcement or a notice in a public medium for promoting the product or a type of services, events or vacancies. The rapid spread of Smart phones usage level and the subsequent level of using and installation of apps over the smartphones and over the mobile web completely converts the way and strategies of advertisers to connect with their key customers. Most importantly the Most of the companies via advertisement campaigns they try to incorporate the ads in gaming zone or in gaming applications to influence them towards advertisement. This article explores the effectiveness of incorporation of ads in gaming apps, Does it really encourage the key audience to watch digital advertisement and how this ads will impact on consumers behavior .for this the researcher read some articles for the reference and collected opinion from the consumers through online survey (Used Google form) about ads in game, based on the convenient sampling method.


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