Impact of Digital Marketing Strategies in Reshaping the Buying Behavior


  • Mukund. V. Koushik
  • Rangashree.V


Digitalization, Digital Marketing, social media, consumer behavior.


With the growing Digitalization and increasing use of social media and Internet technologies, companies are facing huge challenges to understand the changes in consumer behavior. The customers are not loyal anymore as they are seeking for more consistent and personalized experience. The companies who are engaged in unique offerings through digital marketing are witnessing high degree of changes in consumer behavior. Social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc., today has the ability and power to build and destroy brands. E -word of mouth is gaining momentum and is one of the biggest factors today which influences user behavior. The companies need to build better relationships with their prospects through social media, content marketing and public relations. With the growing use of analytics companies can foster growth by analyzing the trends, patterns of buying and preferences of customers. Digital marketing also plays a significant role in establishing brand relationships and transformed the way a business acquires and retains customers. This study focuses on understanding various aspects of digital marketing and how it affects the consumers buying behavior.


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