An Analytical Study of Speech Acts Classification at the University Level


  • Maha Kareem Kamil
  • Dr. Hasan Kadhim Hasan


Speech Acts Classifications, speech Acts Strategies and EFL Learners.


The present study tries to analyse Iraqi EFL learners’ ability of recognising speech acts classification and their strategies. It aims at investigating Iraqi EFL learners ' awareness of recognising the types of speech acts classification, finding out Iraqi EFL learners ' ability to realise the strategies of speech acts and discovering Iraqi EFL learners’s ability to distinguish between explicit and implicit strategies. It’s hypothesised that Iraqi EFL learners aren’t competent in recognising speech acts classification, those learners of EFL are able to realise the strategies (direct and indirect) of speech acts and explicit speech act strategy strategies is the most frequently used by those learners. The population of this study is seventy Iraqi EFL learners at fourth year at English Department/ College of Education for Humanities/ Thi-Qar University. The data elicitation tool is a test which takes the form of multiple choices technique. The data is analysed statistically and the validity and reliability of the test are verified .The study concludes that Iraqi EFL Learners are aware of speech acts classification. The statistical analysis reveals that the representatives are the most frequently used type by those learners, those learners of EFL have the ability to recognise speech acts strategies, direct and explicit strategies are the most frequently used.


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2021-07-25 — Updated on 2021-07-25

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