• Shah Khalid
  • Huang
  • Noor Muhammad Marwat
  • Manzar Shabab
  • Habib Ullah
  • Muhammad Ilyas


Health and Physical Education Teacher, Government, Degree, Postgraduate, Colleges, Parents, Principals, Head of Departments.


Purpose: Purpose of this study was to investigate the barriers faced by the Health and Physical Education Teachers in promoting sports activities at college level in Pakistan. The primary aim of the research was to find out the particular hurdles and obstacle faced by teachers and students in schools which are the central cause of decline of sports at school level. The secondary aim was to suggest possible means and methods to eliminate those barriers.

Methodology: Descriptive research methodology has been used by the researchers in this particular research study.Population of research study was the Government Degree and Post Graduate Colleges of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.Through random sampling technique sample of 31 Health and Physical Education Teachers and 31Principals were chosen. Mode for data collection was closed form of questionnaire.Data was analyzed through SPSS version 2021.

Main Findings: It was concluded that most of Health and Physical Education Teachers faced lot of Barriers in promoting sports activities at college level in KP, Pakistan. Major obstacles were as lack of facilities, lack of funding for sports, lack of student interest for sports participation, lack of sports infrastructures.Head of the institutes and parents were also hurdle to some extent. Lack of safety and security provision was also among the barriers.

The implication of the Study: Results of analyzed data will help the parents, administrators, head of the institutes and teachers to motivate students to participate in sports activities at college level. Researchers after pointing out the main barriers in sports promotion at college level will recommend the suitable suggestions to eliminate those factors and produce healthy individuals for the prosperous society and country.

Novelty: Although lot of studies have been conducted on this particular issue, yet the researchers have tried level best to readdress the central problems, obstacles and barriers faced by the concerned population after the severe jolts of earth quakes, floods, terrorism and the pandemic Covid-19, in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Results of the study will help as sigh of relief for the people opted sedentary life and non-premising behaviour for allowing children to take part in sporting activities.Lot of innovation is still there for future researchers to expend the areas and variables.


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