Electronic Marketing and its Impact on Customer Satisfaction Exploratory Study of the Opinions of a Sample of Private Banks, Baghdad, Iraq


  • Sara Safaa Kareem
  • Maha Arif Breesam


e-marketing, customer satisfaction chain, private banks.


The research aims to test the impact of e-marketing (EM) with its supporting elements (website design, virtual community, customer service, confidentiality, security and customization) in chain customer satisfaction (CSC), The importance of research lies in importance of its variables. Attracting the customer’s attention and communicating with him individually One-to-One to exchange information Add to, identify the needs and desires of each customer in order to, meet them achieve his state of satisfaction and gain and retain his loyalty to make him a permanent customer by building a long-term relationship with him, and the variable of the customer satisfaction(CSC) As represents framework connects The profits of banking organization with the satisfaction and loyalty of its customers according to value that they will obtain, which is supposed to be equal to or exceed their expectations, which is the goal that the administrations of private banks(PB) seek to achieve. Research problem was lack of interest of bank administrations sample to apply some of supporting elements (functions) for (EM) in a way that meets the needs and desires of customer and enhances its competitive position. Also adopted descriptive analytical approach. 

The purpose of achieving objectives of research, answering questions and testing hypotheses, the questionnaire was adopted as a tool for data collection, which was distributed to an intentional sample of (70) respondents represented by (the authorized managers and their assistants and department managers) for (7) (PB), and questionnaire was subjected to tests of validity, reliability and approval A number of statistical methods(SM), including the weighted arithmetic mean, standard deviation, relative importance, F test and the coefficient of determination R2 to determine level of importance of research variables, as well as, to test the hypotheses using the statistical program (SPSS V.25).

The (SM) a number of results, the most prominent of which was that there is a significant effect of (e-m) on (CSC), and in light of these results, a number of conclusions were formulated, the most important of which was that departments of the surveyed banks are interested in the supporting elements of (EM) in a different way in achieving (CSC), as these The administrations focus greatly on the functions of confidentiality and security in a large way and exceed them mainly in providing the distinctive value to customer to achieve his satisfaction and then gain his loyalty and thus extract value from him profits. Based on conclusions, a set of recommendations was developed, Then, important of which was increase interest of surveyed banks’ administrations in applying all elements supporting (e-m), by increasing interest and focusing on elements (customer service, virtual community, customization and site design) if they wanted to achieve (CSC).


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