Marlin Barreiro Yañez1, Cristina Cantillo Galué2, Anuar


  • Marlin Barreiro Yañez
  • Cristina Cantillo Galué
  • Anuar de Jesús Vertel Pertuz
  • Javier Vargas Guativa


The classroom climate has been approached by different authors, where a diversity of elements that constitute it are raised, however, emotions is a factor that has not yet been given relevance in the conformation and assessment of the classroom climate. Therefore, this monographic document through the documentary review will approach the concept of classroom climate, to analyze this variable, know the components that make it up and recognize the importance that is given to the emotions of the students in the context from the classroom. This study is organized in three stages: first, the mentions of different authors about the term classroom climate is reviewed; second, different instruments used to assess the classroom climate are reviewed; in the third moment, positions of various authors on the participation of students' emotions in the classroom climate are reviewed and analyzed. Through the documentary review, it was found that the classroom climate in addition to having diversity of elements, mixtures of these elements are produced, which have their own characteristics. Likewise, the emotions of the students are a determinant that has not been important in the constitution and evaluation of the classroom climate.


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Marlin Barreiro Yañez, Cristina Cantillo Galué, Anuar de Jesús Vertel Pertuz, & Javier Vargas Guativa. (2021). Marlin Barreiro Yañez1, Cristina Cantillo Galué2, Anuar. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 18(09), 1295-1306. Retrieved from