• Ramkishan S. Awad
  • B. D Todkar


India, China, Sri Lanka, Indian Ocean, ports, Strategy


India and Sri Lanka are very close neighbors. Sri Lanka is a very small nation in terms of the area of India. But its position on Earth is at a very important strategic place. As Sri Lanka's strategic location is in the south of India and at the top of the Indian Ocean, international transport routes have been developed in the Indian Ocean near Sri Lanka.

Today every nation is building its dominance on this transport route. India also needs to work on how to enhance its strategic security by participating in Sri Lanka's strategy. Sri Lanka's geopolitics has a huge impact on India's security. Sri Lanka's geopolitics is important from India's security point of view. The elements of a geostrategic relationship are always mutually exclusive. In a geostrategic environment, relations with our neighbours are naturally very important.The situation in the neighbouring country affects the country. 

Sri Lanka controls the three continents of the Indian Ocean, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Sri Lanka is a major waterway hub with important ports such as Colombo, Galle, Trincomalee, and Hambantota

During the Cold War, after the entry of the superpowers into the Indian Ocean, a situation of constant conflict has emerged. Today, a superpower like China is interfering in Sri Lanka for economic development and dominating Sri Lanka and the Indian Ocean. The Indian Ocean should not become an area of conflict due to the rise of superpowers. For this, India needs to help Sri Lanka maintain its strategic security


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