• Amith Kumar Reddy
  • Megharaja. B


E-Banking, service quality, customer satisfaction, reliability, Lebanese banking sector, E-banking, Innovations, Technology, Customer Satisfaction, E-banking, Innovations, Technology, Customer Satisfaction.


The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between the dimensions of E-Banking service quality and customer satisfaction to determine which dimension can potentially have the strongest influence on customer satisfaction. Data were gathered using a survey instrument, which was distributed among bank clients in the Lebanese banking sector. EBanking has become one of the essential banking services that can, if properly implemented, increase customer satisfaction, and give banks a competitive advantage. Knowing the relative importance of service quality dimensions can help the banking industry focus on what satisfies customers the most.E-Banking has become an integral part of the global financial environment. Improvement in technologies and financial innovations has made electronised service in banking sector is an intense part of this study. “As day by day increasing the technologies are also increasing”. Technology has become the fuel for rapid change.

In earlier times, the banking customers were required to visit in a bank in order to transact their accounts in the bank but now by the help of E-Banking the customers do not need to visit in a bank and with the help of internet, customers can easily transact their accounts from anywhere.

E- Banking is playing a major role that it’s improving the service quality and strengthens the banking sector because of the electronic payment there is increase in customer satisfaction level, increased productivity, reduction in cost of banking operations, settlement faster and in large volumes.

The world has become a global village and it has brought a revolution in the banking industry because of increasing in the development of information technology. The key trends are discussed for their impact on future E-Banking services.


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