• Ekta Lalwani
  • G Uday Kumar
  • Meena Rani


Social Media Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Generation Z, Marketing Strategies.


There has been a rapid increase in the number of users online providing companies with new nodes of connection to engage with their current and prospective customers. In the era of digital boom, social media marketing is being embraced by numerous organizations to tap their clients and build associations. One important target market for brands in this case is generation Z because they are digitally advanced and possess technological literacy that's fairly new to the market. This nature of generation Z people makes social media platforms an opportunity for marketers to reach out to them.

This study attempts to explain the emergence of social media marketing as a tool of promotions and its impact on generation Z's buying behaviour with a sample of 200 respondents living in metropolitan cities of Bangalore, New Delhi and Hyderabad. The objectives of the study were to identify the potential factors that influence consumer purchase behaviour while looking for products online on websites or on social media, exploring consumer expectations,and finding out the most preferred social media platform. After carrying out the analysis of data it was found out

rrying out the analysis of data it was found out
1. Instagram was the most frequently used apps among the male population

2. Price was the major factor under consideration while making a product purchase for the male segment

3. Influence of advertisements on purchase behaviour of males showed a positive and higher degree of impact as compared to female population

4. For professionals YouTube and instagram were the preferred social media websites over Facebook and reviews are the major consideration factor for them

On the basis of the analysis it is recommended that in order to build trust among existing customers and gain more leads companies must focus on driving more traffic to their website and social media pages, engage with current and future potential customers and should also trace the online behaviour of target customers, to ascertain which network works in favour of the company’s product and services


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