• Muhammad Tahir Zubair
  • Khalid Rashid


Parent satisfaction is worth consideration, because it divulges the gap between the aspired and being practiced by the universities, for the students as clientele. Parents’ look for the intuition with reference to offerings their market value and opportunities that could be embarked upon after graduating. Quality assurance and other ranking developing agencies frequently utilize parents' satisfaction and students' happiness as an indicator of the quality.  Parents' dissatisfaction results in lower enrolment at the institutions. The current study aims to explore the factors associated with corporate culture and heaving a bearing on parent satisfaction towards their children's education. The study was qualitative in nature for which the mode of data collection remained the Focus group discussion. Four Focus groups comprising twenty parents; with equal distribution, having high qualification; working in organizations of repute, and zeal to be the participants of the focus group interview, were picked up. Qualitative content analysis was used to analyze the data. Findings suggested that the university process is a bit complex, currently online arrangement is equally a major problem, mode of payments is lengthy by the students’ and to experts, students portals are not   operative to the extent needed, student teachers' relationships are a bit derogatory. The study recommends a change in the mode of payment, the process is required to be made easy, vocational training should form a part of degree program, and University norms must be aligned with the societal norms, the curricula should be saleable.  This may elevate the level of parents’ satisfaction with the corporate culture of universities.


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