"Comprehensive Study On Lean Six Sigma Tools"


  • Divyashree D V
  • Rohini Patil


Lean six sigma; Tools; Waste reduce; Manufacture.


Lean six Sigma is the fusion of lean manufacturing and six sigma and it is one of the systems adopted by the manufacturing companies around the world to improve and optimize process control for effective efficiency within their organisation. The lean six sigma uses qualitative and quantitative data driven techniques as an integrated part of a system using statistical and graphical tools called lean six sigma tools by DMAIC(Define, Measure, Analyse, improve and control) that help with the analysis and improvement procedure in waste reducing methods and through increase employee productivity. This paper concentrates on understanding the lean six sigma concept in manufacturing industry and to know about lean six sigma tools for process control that reduce wasteful steps for improvement. This is analysed by interpreting primary data of the employees in few companies and interpreted through graphical methods. Finally lean six sigma aims for long term process by achieving the best quality, low cost, good delivery management and customer satisfaction through continuous improvement that aims at growth and innovation in organisation.


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