"Behavioural Biases and its Implications on Investment Decision-Making: A Literature Review"


  • Aparna Shukla


behavioural finance, investment decisions, behavioural biases


The arrival of behavioural finance gave new areas for exploring and investigating the manner through which investors take investment decisions that consider psychological factors. It gives explanations to the questions of why and how investors react to certain information regarding their investment decision making. Behavioural finance is presently becoming an eminent method of sculpting investor behaviour because it heavily influences investment decision-making. The paper is an attempt to highlight the conceptual framework of behavioural biases of investor behaviour and its present importance in investment decision making. The study concluded that behavioural finance treats investors as normal rather than rational. Behavioural biases that are discussed influences investor’s decision making and it has considerable implication on it. Thus, the behaviour aspects of investors affect their investment decisions.


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