"Non- Performing Assets of Banks: A Literature Review"


  • Ram Bilas Agrawal
  • Mredu Goyal


Non-performing assets (NPA), Priority sector loans, Agriculture loans, Small & Marginal Farmer, Review of literature.


Non-Performing Assets are the biggest problem in the Banking Industry. These adversely affect the performance of banks like reduction in profit, investible funds and deterioration in other financial parameters. NPA’s are one of the major parameters of assessing the health of banks and performance in the equity market. The Covid-19 pandemic has further worsened the NPA position of banks. The paper presents a review of more than 100 papers with the intention to know the difficulties faced by small and marginal farmers in repaying their loans particularly of agriculture. In this study the focus is on the research paper published in recent years to establish knowledge on the topic and to identify the areas for future research.


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