"An Empirical Study On Evaluation of Leadership Development Programmes in a Government R&D Organization in India"


  • Vinay Kumar
  • Sandeep Shandilya
  • V.B. Gupta


Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC), Leadership Development Programme (LDP), Evaluation of training


The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) in the country has been entrusted to look after the scientific and industrial research in the country. It is beyond doubt that this organization has played a significant role in placing India on the world map of Industrial and Scientific research. Quite understandable that to sustain on an international level in such a competitive area requires tremendous efforts and planning supported by proper vision and mission. It needs to be appropriately supplemented by proper training efforts. It is for that Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC) of CSIR relentlessly works for. CSIR-HRDC conducts various types of training programs including much-cherished Leadership Development Programme (LDP). The current study focuses on LDP of CSIR-HRDC. A two-stage analyses method is deployed for conducting the study. The first stage comprises when the participants actually received the training at CSIRHRDC campus and stage two is concerned with participants actually implemented the learning’s from the LDP at their respective workplace. Structured questionnaires as developed by CSIRHRDC for each stage differently are administered to the participants. The first questionnaire was administered immediately after at the end of training program while second questionnaire was administered online during implementation of learning outcomes. The sample size for the first stage of the study is 135 from among the participants of 7 LDPs held during 2017-2019. At the second stage, an online survey was conducted to analyze the LDP learning outcome implementations by the 132 participants of step 1. Only 62 participants have responded to this online survey.


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