"Social Entrepreneurship in India: Scope and Challenges"


  • Arunachal Khosla


Social Entrepreneurship, Emergence, Focus Areas, Challenges


Emergence and success of entrepreneurship contributes to the growth and development of a nation. However, the concept of social entrepreneurship is different from entrepreneurship in general. Social Entrepreneurship involves setting up of businesses with the primary objective of serving the needs of the society and at the same time also remaining financially sustainable. Since social entrepreneurship aims at developing and harnessing the innovations to find solutions to issues and concerns of the society, it may be an answer to many problems faced by developing nations like India. This paper aims to understand the term social entrepreneurship. It further aims to explore the factors that have contributed the emergence of social entrepreneurship in India. It suggests prominent areas where social entrepreneurs can set up their ventures and contribute to national wellbeing. The paper concludes with a discussion on the current challenges that social entrepreneurs confront in the current context in India


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