Effectiveness of Work Life Balance towards Employee Engagement in Hospitals with special reference to Pune


  • Sandhya Shelar
  • Anita Khatke


work life balance (WLB), wellbeing, psychological, Employee


In today’s fast paced and unpredictable world it’s not easy task to achieve work life balance. Every successful employee has to pass through the dilemma of work life balance in personal and professional life. The psychological wellbeing of employee friendly working and work time are positively and significantly influencing the level of work life balance among employees. Employee spent a major portion of his productive time at the workplace and not able to give enough time to his family as and when it’s required. If employees are going through any of such problem either at the work place or in the family which will definitely affect the overall performance so it is important to study the various factors which disturb his or her work life balance. If the employees have imbalance in their personal and professional life than they feel to leave the job and therefore the attrition rate will be high so employee engagement become challenge for any organization. As the employee engagement and work life balance are very essential factors which involved in Hospital Industries. Due to change in the management and advancement of technology it becoming challenges to maintain the potential employee for the long run. Now a day’s utmost care taken by each hospital towards hygiene and safety of the employee still initiative taken for work life balance is the most important aspect in employee engagement in medical industries. Expectation of the employee working in the Government hospitals towards the job are always more as compare to non-Government organization. For better work life balance the government should provide good working conditions, fair compensation and reward system, training and better career growth and opportunities. This study is based on primary sources of data and to some extent secondary sources. The primary data collected through online and offline as well and the secondary data from various authentic journals, books and literature on the subject, newspapers, magazines, reports and studies which were referred for the conceptual frame work of the study


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