Legal Language Style


  • Muhammed Salim Muhsen
  • Ahmed Hussein Abed


Legal Language Style


It crossed our minds a while ago to write a research about legal language style which is the scientific language and the reason behind that was what we saw from the students and their panting to study law and especially evening studies student who left the study for specific circumstances and then came back to it. And a lot of those student whom could not explain one simple issue with correct language empty of linguistic and stylistic mistakes and by this research we wanted to pinpoint The legal features of this language which is empty of emotions which should be written in correct style and under certain legal frames. And we are still trying to right this research to set a plan and rated after giving it the name legal language style and we came up with this idea after seeing the amount of Legal and status laws in this world which is logically Arranged and spoken about in the heavenly books and status studies. The thing that supports and explains the legal language in the best way is what we see in our Arabic language from legal And logical styles in its old Constitution which is supported by some single and compounds titles in its grammar. For example: noun , verb and preposition. Noun and verb phrase , verb and the subject each one of them has its position in a sentence and the subject is in a nominative case because it’s what did the verb and the object is in an accusative case Because it’s what received the action of the verb and the opposite equals the subopposite And follows it in parsing the adjective follows the described Figure in parsing, singularity and duality And being masculine or feminine, The number and the Numbered figure regarding being masculine or feminine. And by this linguistic grammar, legal features are defined in every case. And I thought of dividing this research into two sections the first one is about defining the style and the derivation. The second one is about deriving the Law And it’s semantic features. And a conclusion preceded by an applied text of legal language style and then a list of bibliography of legal language and its references.


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