• Azra Qadir
  • Shahzad Atiq


Coronavirus, pandemic-situation-outbreak, lockdown, social distancing, mental and physical health and positive and negative impacts.


The corona virus or covid-19 is a disease based on an unknown virus. It started from china and spread all over the world. This pandemic situation is one of the widely spread diseases in the recent human history. However there was influenza pandemic in 1918 with the huge numbers of deaths till not actual counts available. Some persons are believed the millions of people were died. Now almost in the mid of 2021 lockdown and curfew is imposed all over the world due to 3rd wave of covid-19. Countries have banned the travelling activities of the people. The situation of India is critical, death rate is very high and there is oxygen shortage in the country.

This article is aimed to analyze the impact on mental and physical health of the people by covid-19 and also a proposal to control the disease as well as the socio economic, environmental and political atmosphere of the country. Rahim Yar Khan is the last district of Punjab, linked with three other provinces border area.

Covid-19 has affected about 210 countries, with more than millions of people with conformed cases and millions of positive cases reported daily in the world. Especially Pakistan faced economic crisis of trillions loss with 33.7% of poverty level is increased. While many negative impact on the mental and physical health of the people to rise tension, depression, anxiety, insomnia and low immune system. Through assessment of covid-19; first, second and now serious effect of third strike. Management and control measures presented in study can be assistive for provision of policy guide line to government’s think tanks, policy makers of country with similar socio-economic, cultural, structure in all fields of life for best work policy formulated.


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