Cognitive intelligence and its relationship to managing financial crises


  • Bahaa ameer Muhammad
  • Alaa Farhan Taleb


cognitive intelligence, financial crisis management


The aim of the current research is to identify the relationship of cognitive intelligence with managing financial crises among management personnel working in the Iraqi Ministry of Interior. Which includes (580) administrators, the researcher pulled from them (150) administrative individuals in a simple random way to be the sample of the current research, and he used my questionnaire to measure cognitive intelligence and crisis management in a research sample, and verify the validity of the two tools by verifying their validity and stability, and the results of the study reached, the administrative enjoyment of the Ministry The Iraqi Ministry of Interior has a high level of cognitive intelligence, as well as a high level of financial crisis management, and the results of the research showed the existence of a real relationship between cognitive intelligence and financial crisis management among the administrators of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior and in all dimensions of the variables.


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