Dr.BhimraoRamji- an economic Analyst


  • Dr. Karnika Dubey


Political institutions, Dalits, exchange rate, Economic analyst, and taxation.


B.R. Ambedkar is treated as a renowned economist, who can provide effect path to improvise Indian economy. Various taxation design of India is reformed by B.R. Ambedkar. In the article, the highlighted subject can be considered to serve economic analysis evaluated for analysing the caste system derived by Dr.(BhimraoRamji) B R Ambedkar. B.R. Ambedkar provides information about finance and administration of the East Indian Company. In this case he can continue an effective argument about exchange rate of India, which is included in this paper. Thus, the analysis can be successful when it can be utilized for building the goodwill with its researchers, policy makers and many more. While considering the article, the duties are ought to be followed within some social institutions, religious institutions, economic institutions, political institutions, cultural institutions and legal institutions.


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