Impact of Employer Branding on Work-Life-balance of IT Employees in Bangalore


  • Dr. Guru Basava Aradhya S
  • Chinna Rathi. K
  • Urvashi Khurana


IT Employees, Employer Branding, Work-life-balance.


The significance of work-life balance among IT employees enabled organizations to brand themselves through various benefits that will in turn increase work-life balance and employee retention. To understand the importance of it, this study focused on finding the impact of employer branding on the work-life balance among 38 respondents from various IT organizations in Bangalore. This study used a convenience sampling method to collect primary data through Google Forms. This study used a correlation test to verify if there is an influence between employer branding factors and work-life balance. This study also focused on which age group is more prone to employer-branding through work-life balance and what factors make a company attractive. Results indicate that there is an influence of work-life-balance factors by employer branding. Hence, if employers provide certain work-life-balance benefits, people are more likely to stay in the company for a longer period which will increase the efficiency and performance of the company.


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Dr. Guru Basava Aradhya S, Chinna Rathi. K, & Urvashi Khurana. (2021). Impact of Employer Branding on Work-Life-balance of IT Employees in Bangalore. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 18(09), 327-338. Retrieved from