Education 4.0 and its impact on Business Education




Education 4.0, digital teaching, digital learning students, digital higher education


Education 4.0 has become necessary now for that this study reviewed published studies and research on digital teaching and learning since 2020, primarily focusing on how theories, practices and assessments apply to the digital learning environment. The purpose of this paper is to provide practical suggestions for those who are planning to develop digital courses so that they can make informed decisions in the implementation process. Based on the findings, the authors argued that effective digital instruction is dependent upon 1) well-designed course content, motivated interaction between the instructor and learners, well-prepared and fully-supported instructors; 2) creation of a sense of digital learning students; and 3) rapid advancement of technology. In doing this, it is hoped that this will stimulate an on-going discussion of effective strategies that can enhance universities and faculty success in transitioning to teach digital. Under current debates on the cost and quality of higher education, this study could help for the improvement of higher education and student enrollment and retention.


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